Case studie - Oriflame
Paper-printed product catalogs are the unique legacy of Oriflame and the backbone of its product presentation. Today, Oriflame must go digital and fuse its tradition with the technological progress.
Service specifications
Service specifications
Oriflame consultants who used paper catalogs were pestered by multiple sales management issues (stock-outs, obsolete product ranges, purchase order errors, and time pressure). Worse yet, the customers saw Oriflame as increasingly obsolete due to the product presentation method and customer services, which led Oriflame to lose the market share.
Design of a customer service solution based on a mobile app which combined the paper catalogs with AR. This provided the Oriflame consultants with the advantage of time, a highly convenient way of presenting the product range, and adjusting the tones and colors of make-up products to customer preferences – without even using product samples. The registering of POs became straightforward, and the Oriflame consultants knew the actual product range and stocks.
  • Virtual Makeover Tool
  • Product presentation
  • Oriflame consultant's account management
  • Purchase order collecting and processing
  • Actual product stocks
Digital Product & Service Design
Bogdan Nowakowski
Head of Development at GETIN BANK
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