OneApp provides:
  • IT specialists (programmers, UX designers, testers, analysts, database designers, graphic designers, etc.)
  • Our specialists can work in your office or remotely from one of our offices
  • From individual experts to ready-made Scrum teams
We can build any team of IT experts for you.
Contact OneApp and let's see what we can do.
What experts do we provide
Java programmers
.NET programmers
PHP programmers
MS SQL database specialists
Oracle database specialists
PortgreSQL database specialists
MySQL database specialists
Graphic designers
UX Designers
UI Designers
Project Managers
Ready SCRUM teams
The best experts

You hire the best experts for the job. Each of our experts passes a proprietary recruitment process which guarantees you get the necessary know-how and skills.
Lower costs

You will avoid costs related to recruiting, training and employing a full-time employee. You can focus entirely on your business activities.
You save time

We provide a fast and effective recruitment process and we guarantee highly specialized IT specialists. We have a ready database of experts, which we systematically expand.
You grow in strength

You gain access to our Know-how. By utilising our experience, knowledge and competences, you will achieve better results and your company can gain market value.
On-site or remotely

Our specialists can work in your office or remotely from one of our offices. You decide which option is better for you.
Our consultancy

OneApp is not only a body leasing service, but above all a reliable IT business partner. We are at your disposal at every stage - we can share all of our knowledge with you.

You gain a specialist or a whole team of specialists for a specific period of time (e.g. to implement a specific project). After its completion, you do not have to worry about issues related to the termination of your and a given employee contract. In addition, we also provide a flexible settlement system.
How does OneApp do it
1. Your requirements

You define what experts you need and whether they should work with you or remotely from one of our offices. Alternatively, OneApp can specify the team members according to your project specifications.
2. Offer

Based on your requirements, we will prepare an offer for your approval.
3. Completing

After accepting the offer, we will start compiling a list of selected specialists for you. You will receive the profiles of each candidate for approval from us.
4. Start

After accepting the candidates, the experts are ready to work.
Companies that use our services are, among others
Robert Zalewski
Co-founder Wood Lark Group
We started cooperation with OneApp in 2016. From a time perspective, we see that we have made the right decision. The team of experts that implement projects for us are specialists with a lot of knowledge and know-how; for them nothing is impossible. They approach each project comprehensively and we made use of their knowledge and experience many times when choosing the best solutions. We are very pleased with the cooperation that we will definitely continue.

With full responsibility, we can recommend OneApp and the services that they provide (body leasing in particular).
Call us
+48 606 704 195
+48 606 704 195
ul. Wałbrzyska 11, 02-739
ul. Marszałkowska 126/134, 00-008
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