Case studie - Oney
Oney is a subsidiary of Auchan and a provider of financial and insurance services for Auchan customers. Oney has been suffering lately from a decline in sales.
Project specifications
Project specifications
Buyers are rarely satisfied with having to spend their time at a superstore. This is especially true when the product range is very big, and no product guarantees full security when it comes to food allergy or alignment with the lifestyle of the buyer and his or her family.
OneApp developed a concept of a platform which assists buyers in managing a healthy diet and lifestyle. Each payment with an Oney credit card provides the user with discount vouchers for diet-oriented DNA tests, the results of which are available in the Oney Fit app. Each Oney credit card serves as a loyalty card, with the entire solution integrated with the respective app.

The solution provides recommended shopping lists which are personalized according to the dietary plans and the dietary recommendations from the DNA test. As a result, OneApp helped Oney embed financial products in the buyer's shopping path and create an added value by adjusting the offer to the buyers' lifestyles.
  • Food allergy tests
  • Loyalty card
  • Personalized diets and shopping lists
  • Food allergy test-driven food lists
  • Product expiry date alerts
  • Product barcode scanner
Digital Product & Service Design
Bogdan Nowakowski
Head of Development at GETIN BANK
Profesjonalny zespół znający się na rzeczy. Szybko weszli w nasz kod i wykonali jego modyfikacje zgodnie z oczekiwaniami. OneApp cechuje zaangażowanie, elastyczność i biznesowe podejście do powierzonych projektów.
ul. Wałbrzyska 11, 02-739
ul. Marszałkowska 126/134, 00-008
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