Case studie - Ciech
Twoja Sarzyna
Ciech Sarzyna is a leading Polish plant protection chemical brand. Recently, Ciech Sarzyna saw a loss in the market pie due to the pressure from international competitors.

OneApp was tasked with developing an idea to refresh the business model and make it resistant to market changes.
Service specifications
Service specifications
OneApp's offer was focused on three areas:
  1. Sales agent's tool
    Each Ciech sales agent was working every day in the field and on the road between the customers, who frequently rescheduled field meetings. OneApp developed a tablet app for planning optimum daily routes with the CRM data and notifications sent to the customers to communicate that their sales agent is on the way and what time the sales agent would arrive.
  2. Customer's tool
    A mobile app was developed to collect and manage loyalty points, and to provide information about Ciech products. The tool can be integrated with bank payment services to minimize the costs of trade crediting.
  3. Business model innovations
    Modifications to the processes of product distribution and ordering.
  • Route planner
  • Reporting
  • Automatic sales agent's location notifications
  • Critical data aggregation in a single location
  • In-app loyalty program
  • Business model innovations
Digital Product & Service Design
Bogdan Nowakowski
Head of Development at GETIN BANK
Profesjonalny zespół znający się na rzeczy. Szybko weszli w nasz kod i wykonali jego modyfikacje zgodnie z oczekiwaniami. OneApp cechuje zaangażowanie, elastyczność i biznesowe podejście do powierzonych projektów.
ul. Wałbrzyska 11, 02-739
ul. Marszałkowska 126/134, 00-008
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